John 15:18- "If the world hates you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you."

Who We Are

Founded in 2008 by Rebekah Cobbin, Spoken Royalty has been created to be one of the most influential social outlets for poets from all walks of life. The social community of this site allows individuals to express themselves freely and without judgement and empowers poets to share their gift of Spoken Royalty to and with the world. We believe every poet should have that one place where they’re connected to others who share the same passion for words and storytelling as they do. Our appreciation of shared words has led Spoken Royalty to also introduce the Who Am I Collection, a clothing and accessory line, which has become an integral part of and can be purchased by simply going to

Rebekah Cobbin


Our Mission

It is the mission of Spoken Royalty to become one of the most influential social outlets for poets around the world. Creating a platform for individuals to express themselves to society isn’t just a priority, but our focus and objective as well.

Our Vision

Spoken Royalty has a vision of being a powerful and positive force in one’s everyday life by developing into an entity that supports the growth of poetic communities around the globe.

The Who Am I Collection

The Who Am I Collection, also known as W.A.I.C. was founded in 2011 and is powered by Spoken Royalty. The collection is an accessory and clothing line that identifies with people through motivational sayings, artwork and poetry. The accessory line touches on real life everyday situations that one has either experienced or is experiencing.

W.A.I.C Mission:

Who Am I Collection has a mission of being known as an honest forum for visual artists around the world by allowing them to provide art work that unites people through motivational sayings and poetry that tells a powerful story incorporated into a variety of accessories and garments.

W.A.I.C. Vision:

The vision of Who Am I Collection is to become a line that people choose to wear because they identify with the message being told. It is a line that represents a person’s existence and is viewed by visual artists as a place to turn to when they want to reach out and make a statement to the world through their artwork.